Write for Us

NextWave Advocacy is looking for a few great writers.  In addition to over-the-phone positions, we offer an exciting freelance opportunity for individuals with top-notch written communications skills.  GO Team Writers do not make outreach telephone calls, but they do enjoy many of the same advantages of joining our GO Team, including:

  • Work-from-home flexibility and convenience. You’ll select the projects you want to participate in, as well as the specific blocks of time when you’ll be available to write. It’s easy to fit NextWave in among your other commitments.
  • Interesting current issues to write about. Many times, NextWave’s projects deal with the same topics you’d see in the newspaper or on the evening news.
  • Supportive managers who will drive your improvement. Your work will be critiqued by experienced political communicators. You’ll become a better, more polished writer than you already are.


A Writing Opportunity You Can Do from Anywhere

NextWave’s specialty is mobilizing citizens who care about an issue, and helping them take part in the political process. As a GO Team Writer, you will play a critical role in this process while you:

  • Learn more about politics and current events and contribute to active grassroots campaigns.
  • Capture the unique perspective of individuals from across the country—without having to interview anyone or spend time on the telephone.
  • Compose original, persuasive communications that will be read by Members of Congress, state and local legislators, staff members, and even the general public.
  • Gain experience and develop a diverse portfolio of ghostwritten letters and media submissions, demonstrating your ability to write clearly and concisely on a wide range of topics.

Job Requirements

NextWave actively recruits writers with or without previous political and/or professional writing background. We are seeking individuals who—based on their education, work, or life experience—bring a powerful combination of writing skill and personal motivation. To succeed, you will need:

  • Strong knowledge of grammar, spelling, and usage
  • The ability to quickly grasp the arguments that support a client’s stance on an issue
  • The creative flair to combine key message points and an individual’s own story into a persuasive, concise letter or media submission
  • Dedication to producing top-quality, letter-perfect product under tight deadlines.

if you think you have these traits, apply today!

Technical Requirements

Because GO Team Writers will need to access information and submit your work via our grassroots management system, your computer equipment must meet the same minimum requirements as those of our GO Team Organizers. Click here to review these requirements, and feel free to discuss them in greater detail during the interview process.