The GO Team

NextWave’s business centers around high-quality outreach to constituents across the country.  And our Grassroots Outreach Team—the GO Team—is what makes this possible.

The GO Team is a nationwide network as diverse as the issues we work on. There are two key roles available.

GO Team Organizers— Our front-line telephone outreach personnel utilize outbound calls to:

  • Inform citizens about a political issue and identify a client’s supporters.
  • Educate genuine advocates about the policymaking process and how they can make a difference.
  • Assist individuals—many of whom have never participated in politics before— in expressing their views in a letter and in the mail to federal, state, or local officials.
  • Capture compelling human interest stories from real people from all parts of the country.
  • Offer opportunities to get further involved in current and future grassroots campaigns.

After an advocate has been recruited, GO Team Writers help shape the individual’s own story into a unique, compelling grassroots communication.

Together, GO Team Organizer and Writers make a winning difference in our clients’ public affairs campaigns.


The GO Team Profile

The GO Team job can be challenging, so we search nationwide for the right people.  As a result, GO Team Members come from all walks of life.  Among the individuals who comprise our network are:

  • Stay-at-home parents who want to supplement the family income before kindergarten lets out for the day. 
  • College students who need to make a little extra between classes. 
  • Retirees who want to maintain their involvement in the professional world, while leaving time for the travel and activities they’ve worked a lifetime to enjoy.
  • Veterans, disabled Americans, caregivers, and others who need or prefer to work from their own homes.
  • Experienced teleservices professionals and writers who want to stretch their skills in a new direction.
  • Individuals who have tried on-site and at-home work, but finally found the right fit with NextWave.

Nearly anyone can be a successful GO Team Member!  Even if you’ve never considered working in a politically oriented field, you can quickly learn everything you need to excel.


Key GO Team Member Attributes

Wherever they come from—and whatever brought them to NextWave—GO Team Members share a few common traits.  They:

  • Want to fit work into an already busy life.
  • Like talking with people or writing about current events.
  • Seek rewarding and challenging projects.
  • Enjoy freedom, flexibility, and competitive pay.
  • Want to advance a career, not just find a job.

Does this sound like you?  If so, let’s talk!